Career: Non-Technical Jobs: Permanent


ROLE: Business Analyst
Core Competency: Admin: Clerical/Data Entry/Internship/Other
duration: 6 months
Business Analysis, Information Technology. PLUSSES: SDLC, Computer Based Training(CBT), FMS Accounting, VENDEX, IFA, Payee Information Portal(PIP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Job Description The primary responsibilities of the position are: • Communicate requirements for the implementation of new functionality and provide workshop and written material that explains system functionality. • Serve as a liaison between the Financial Management System project and City agencies, ensuring agency concerns and issues are handled professionally and expediently. • Identify ...

U.S. Offices:
Bergenfield, NJ | +1 201 384-7400
Jacksonville, FL | +1 904 517-1488

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